Sydney Roberson

what is a short film?


A short film shows more footage that the highlight video might not have had time for. It could include the full footage from any major events before the ceremony (bride and groom’s entire first look) and events at the reception (cake cutting, the entire first dance, the entire father/daughter dance, and the entire mother/son dance, garter/bouquet toss, etc.). If the highlight film is the "cliff notes" version of your day, consider this the complete first to last page of your story!


what package do you


In the end it really depends on how much of the day you want to have on video, and how much time each section of the day is planned to take. We recommend booking for the whole day – in the end, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Picture yourself after the wedding – you don’t want to look back, wishing you had gotten that extra special footage of the bride’s preparation, the bride and groom’s first dance together, the bouquet toss, or your guests saying goodbye at the end of the night. When selecting packages, please take into account that we get our establishing shots of the venue and of some decorations before we start filming bridal and groom prep. This is the only time of the day that we have the time to setup and get these beautiful shots!


Can we meet in person before our wedding day?

While it is not required that we meet in person, we love getting to meet all our couples before their big day! We love getting to learn your love story and all the quirky and funny parts of your relationship that helped build it! Getting to know each other on a personal level really helps us be able to tell your story as true as it should be told. It also helps break the ice so on your wedding day you are comfortable with us when we have a camera in our hands!


do you travel?

Yes!! We love to travel! It is by far one of our favorite things to do! We would love to discuss with you any location you can come up with for your wedding day! No location is too far!


how do we book?

We are officially booked after you and your fiancé sign a contract with us, and after we receive a 50% retainer for your wedding day.